Date Posted : 06-11-2017

Are you feeling a little worried about purchasing peptides for personal use? Perhaps you’ve heard rumours that peptides are similar to steroids and therefore, they’re not something you can use legally in Australia? It’s important to keep in mind though that peptides are in fact perfectly legal and are actually very different to steroids.

We will dispel the myths and give you comfort in knowing that you are buying a perfectly safe and legal product when you buy or purchase peptides online, and that the benefits of peptides are vast and their side effects if used correctly are minimal, if any.

Why Are Peptides Legal?

Unlike steroids, peptides are not banned for use outside of various diseases and ailments. The illicit use of steroids is associated with very harmful side-effects such as cardiovascular disease. Peptides however are legal when prescribed under the legal code. When peptides are correctly administered and when dosage is strictly adhered to, they are not harmful and only provide numerous benefits to the body.

Here’s why peptides are legal and safe:

  • The risk in peptide therapy is minimal: In comparison to steroids, the risk in peptide therapy is much less as long as the correct dosage and administration is used.
  • Peptides are associated with more than just body building: Peptides are vital to the human body and thus, are not just used for body building or an increase in body performance. Peptides can also have a positive effect on sleep patterns, skin, metabolism and your body’s immune system.
  • Peptides occur naturally in every living thing: Peptides occur naturally in every living cell and are vital to life. An increase in peptides assists your body in cell reproduction.
  • Peptides do not contain testosterone: Peptides can assist with allowing your body to increase its own testosterone levels if need be, but peptides do not actually contain any testosterone.

How can I ensure I buy Peptides legally in Australia?

Peptides are legal in Australia however it is extremely important to buy peptides from a trusted source. Peptides are only legal under a prescription so it’s important to ensure when you are buying peptides online that it is through a brand with strong ethics and a team of doctors who will only prescribe peptides to you under the strict legal code. Peptides Online have their own panel of doctors who do this and pharmacists on hand to discuss the right treatment and product for your needs.

Where can I Find Australian Peptides?

Peptides Online is Australia’s best producer of clinical grade peptides. We specialise in the production of peptides which are medically prescribed and of pharmaceutical grade. All of Peptide Online’s products are legal and within the parameters of Australian guidelines. Our offices are located in Australia and we are always available to discuss the perfect peptides package for your needs. Contact us today to find out more.